Printed tape


folio-suitable for sticking card board boxes of medium weight at temperature of 10 to 40 C

  • thrichnomatic printing
  • order implementation up to 10 days after project implementation
  • VAT is not included and the prices are tentative
  • each order is contracted individually
  • discount of 3% in case of advanced payment


Paper Folio & Masking tape


Used for cardboard articles, packets, parcels manual of mechanical packing.
Paper folio is applied at home or in the office. A line of white-colourer, brown-coloured or colourless folio is offered.

  • OPP base /48mic./, glue hot melt and solvent
  • high-sticking ecological glue
  • resistance against humidity, low and high temperature and UV emission
  • EU – ISO 9002 certificate


Special PVC bands


Special PVC bands and PVC-electro-isolation, highly flexible band, extreemly suitable for uncomfortable shapes. It is easily reeled out and cut off.

  • tickness - 0,18 mm
  • resistance against UV-emission
  • stability against humidity and wearing out
  • no corosion
  • applied at temperature of 0 to 40 C
  PVC marking and building bend-designed for sticking, structural elements, connecting muffles and cables, bandaging highly-atmospheric pressurized hoses.

Useful for marking store spaces, hazardous chemical products, heights and widhts limitation, falling objects, out-dimensions or dangerous cargos as well as many other markings.

  • tickness - 0,14 mm
  • resistance against high-humidity concentration, protective against corrosion, flexible, well applied to rough surfaces
  • applied at temperature of 0 to 40 C



Printed tissue paper and disposable paper tablecloths suitable for restaurants and fast food places










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